CD Review: Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards
Asking for Flowers
By David Chiu

So far in her nascent career Kathleen Edwards has not absolutely made one bad, or even mixed album—her intimate brand of soulful alt-country/roots rock continues to radiate, as is the case with her latest stunner Asking for Flowers. The music is rich and warm, just like Edwards’ vocals, as her lyrics are impressionistic and introspective (“Buffalo,” the gorgeous closing song “Good Night California”) and in some cases brash and provocative (“Oh, Canada” and the rocking “The Cheapest Key”). The stories of yearning, romantic complications, apathy, and of course love run through the record in convincing, tender-hearted fashion. Edwards scores another winning hat trick with this album.

Watch a video of Kathleen Edwards’ “The Cheapest Key”:


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