CD Review: Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne
Solo Acoustic Vol. 2
By David Chiu

The obvious sequel to his previously recorded solo outing, Vol. 2 features Browne sans band performing classics and album cuts to a live audience. The material draws more from the ‘80s and beyond output, with the exceptions of “Redneck Friend” and “Something Fine,” Still they are just as good and refreshing to hear in their new takes. Browne unearths “Enough of the Night” from the political World in Motion album and the state-of-national affairs song “Casino Nation,” but the rest of the album is mainly introspective, including a beautiful rendition of “Sky Blue and Black” with just him on piano, as well as a upbeat take on “Somebody’s Baby.” In this type of setting , Browne doesn’t miss—it’s further enhances the warmth of his songs.


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