CD Review: Juno and Margot at the Wedding

Music from the Motion Picture
Fox Searchlight/Rhino

Music from the Motion Picture
Margot at the Wedding
Lakeshore Records/Paramount Vantage

By David Chiu

Two films were released last year that offer some really eclectic tunes that defy the usual soundtrack that usually offer perhaps one or two good songs.

The track selection on the soundtrack of the critically-acclaimed and now Academy Award nominated picture Juno is nothing short of amazing—the album recently topped the album charts. The Juno soundtrack blends the indie folk tunes of the Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson with several alt-rock acts (Sonic Youth and Cat Power’s covers of “Superstar” and “Sea of Love,” respectively) and some retro songs (the Kinks’ “A Well Respected Man” and the Velvet Underground’s “I’m Sticking with You”). It’s Dawson who dominates the soundtrack with several of her short and direct folk songs. The closing song on the album is a rendition of the Moldy Peaches’ “Anyone Else But You” by the movie’s stars Michael Cera and Ellen Page.

The soundtrack to Margot and the Wedding runs a close second although, with the exception of Dean and Britta’s “Northern Blue,” most of the material have been previously released. There are a few well-known pop radio hits from the ‘70s such as Stephen Bishop’s lite reggae-ish “On and On” and Gilbert O’ Sullivan’s “Clair”; the rest is mostly obscure and undgeround, from Karen Dalton and Lesley Duncan’s “Something On Your Mind” and “Everything Changes,” respectively to alt rock tunes by Blondie, X, and Dinosaur Jr.

Video of “Anyone Else But You” from Juno, performed by Michael Cera and Ellen Page:


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