CD Review: The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys
The Warmth of the Sun
By David Chiu

While the tracks on this latest Beach Boys compilation don’t feature the recognizable signature songs of the band (they can be found on the previous Sounds of Summer collection), most of them are as good and at times even eclipses some of the bigger hits. They all showcase the Boys’ penchant for surf, cars and girls with the usual excellent production values and vocal harmonies, exhibited through wonderful tracks like the lovely “Disney Girls (1957),” “It’s OK,” and the romantic “Sail On, Sailor.” There are even a couple of decent covers including “Then I Kissed Her” (a remake of the Crystals’ “Then He Kissed Me”) and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers’ “Why Do Fools Fall In Love.” And showing a willingness to experiment is the magnificent “Feel Flows,” which was featured in the movie Almost Famous. The Warmth of the Sun is a perfect companion to Sounds of Summer—they all add up to a truly ultimate Beach Boys experience.


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