CD Review: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Memory Almost Full
Hear Music
By David Chiu

Memory Almost Full is another reflective and mature offering from Paul McCarteny—upbeat and tuneful enough to appeal the boomer crowd sipping latte at their favorite Starbucks (The album is the result of the recent partnership between Macca and the giant coffee chain). At time, the point of view in most of the songs is of nostalgia and romance, especially on the feel-good “My Ever Present Past,” the Burt Bacharach-influenced “See Your Sunshine,” and the soulful “Gratitude.” Memory doesn’t mire itself entirely on warm sentiment as is the case on the driving “Only Mother Knows” (a tune about abandonment) and “House of Wax.” The most moving song is “The End of the End,” a musical epitaph of sorts about letting go: (“At the end of the end/It’s the start of a journey/To a much better place,” goes the lyric.) Showcasing McCartney’s natural abilities and talents for melody and hooks, Memory Almost Full is a pleasant pop album. It’s suitable musical wallpaper while sipping another cup of java.

See the “Dance Tonight” video on YouTube:


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