CD Review: Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters
Universal Motown
By David Chiu

You kind of know what you are in store for from the ABBA-esque intro to “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’,” the lead-off track on Scissor Sisters’ newest album: Flamboyant dance-oriented music that pays homage to the glories of ‘70s and ‘80s pop radio.Ta-Dah doesn’t deviate much from the sound (no discofied Pink Floyd cover here, folks) that made the New York City scenesters a sensation, particularly in the U.K. The band is not exactly one-dimensional as the music verges between Tin Pan Alley (“I Can’t Decide,” “Intermission”), Al Green-meets-David Bowie (“Lights”), Prince (the funky “Ooh”) and Giorgio Moroder-inspired electropop (the deliciously-wicked “Kiss You Off”) If you wonder why several of Ta-Dah’s tracks sound like vintage Elton John (i.e. the bouncy “She’s My Man”), it’s probably because John himself is on the album either playing piano or co-writing a song. Ironically, the valentine “Paul McCartney” does not sound Beatlesque but rather an energetic party tune. Aside from the melodic pop sheen, the music is driven by the tandem of Jake Shears’ falsetto and Ana Matronic’s soulful sass. One thing that cannot be said Scissor Sisters are dull; on Tah-Dah, the music continues to be sound decadent and lively party.


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