CD Review: The Fever

The Fever
In the City of Sleep
By David Chiu

The Fever is an eclectic band that combines a sense of Gothic cabaret, punk, and pop stylings that are baroque and bombastic. Guided by Geremy Jasper’s croon, Achilles Tzoulafis’s top-heavy drumming, and J. Ruggiero’s organ work tthe music on In the City of Sleep has a dream and carnival-like festive quality (i.e. “Little Lamb and the Shiny Silver Bullets,” the lush “Circus Girl”). Despite the music’s tangents, its energetic and rough and ready a la Jet with catchy hooks. Those who enjoy the music tradition of Brecht/Weil, the clattering Mule Variations-era Tom Waits, and the pop ambitions of ELO will dig the intricate and eccentric music of this New York-based collective.


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