CD Review: The Rembrandts

The Rembrandts
Greatest Hits
By David Chiu

No other act in pop music deserved wider recognition than the duo of Danny Wilde and Phil Solem. Granted the Rembrandts’ biggest hit was the overly-played “I’ll Be There For You,” the theme song for Friends, but the group has recorded better songs as this compilation makes the case for. Power pop was always in these men’s blood as on the surging “Hold On” (recorded as the early ‘80s band Great Buildings). Greatest Hits follows one catchy melodic song after another: “Just the Way It Is, Baby,” the brilliant and criminally underrated “Johnny Have You Seen Her,” “Someone,” “Rolling Down the Hill,” etc. Aside the fact these are very Beatlesque pop-meets-folk ditties, they are accompanied by a genuine earthiness and the soulful vocals by Wilde and Solem. They should not be a footnote in ’90s pop culture history as the group who did the Friends song.


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