CD Review: T Bone Burnett

T Bone Burnett
The True False Identity
By David Chiu

Having produced Counting Crows, the Wallflowers, Cassandra Wilson, his wife Sam Phillips, and the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack in the last couple of years, it was about time that singer/songwriter T Bone Burnett returned to making his own music.The first new album by Burnett in 14 years, The True False Identity is well-crafted roots rock (not untypical of a Burnett-produced album) with atmospheric and moody textures with Burnett’s Dylan-inspired wit and lyricism and a flair for cinematic noir. It is very heavy with dark musings about the state of the world today whether it is politics, religion, the culture wars, or plain ignorance (the swirling tumult of “Blinded By the Darkness,” “Zombieland,” “Fear Country”). As depressing in hearing what Burnett is singing (or ranting) about, it rings true. If it is meant to jolt your senses, The True False Identity has done its job.


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