CD Review:Marykate O’Neil

Marykate O’Neil
By David Chiu

The title alone is worth giving this album a listen.First, it is emblematic of O’Neil’s sense of humor; second, it is also points out the struggle of a talented artist to be heard in an era where an outlet like ‘American Idol’ is the purveyor of musical taste. O’Neil’s winning second full-length album is again a collection of brimming and sometimes whimsical power pop (“Things Are Too Good”) that masks her yearning and introspective lyrics (“Stay,” “You’ll Be Sorry,” “They’re Bound to Go Bad”). O’Neil has a strong and soulful voice that complements this filler-free collection. When she sings “I’m Ready For My Luck To Turn Around,” it’s both a tongue-in-cheek statement and a goal that hopefully will be realized.


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