Upcoming: Greta Gertler and the Extroverts

No, this picture is not the second coming of the Village People. Greta Gertler (center) is an amazing singer/songwriter originally from Australia who is now living in New York. Her sound can be best described as sophisticated chamber-styled pop music accompanied by her fine band the Extroverts. Gertler released a terffic album from 2003, The Baby That Brought Bad Weather, and is currently mixing her new record with the Extroverts. Check out her show on April 1 at Pete’s Candy Store, 709 lorimer street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn,(718) 302-3770 (www.petescandystore.com). Not only are her shows great fun but they are sprinkled with a sense of humor. Why this artist is not signed by a major label is beyond comprehension. For more information, visit gretagertler.net or www.myspace.com/gretagertlermusic


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