CD Review: Wolfmother

By David Chiu

This new band wears its influences on its sleeves, but one thing is certain…the group wave the indie rock banner. Wolfmother seems to wear evoke shades of Zeppelin, Sabbath, and Yes, with a little bit of Kasabian for a modern contemporary edge. It is not to say that Wolfmother is a derivative-feeding band. One can really immerse him or herself into the tumultuous sounds on this EP: the title track is where guitarist Andrew Stockdale really channels the spirit of Ozzy; “Mind’s Eye” features keyboard work that seems so 1970s Rick Wakeman/Yes; while “Love Train” (not the O’Jays classic) evoke the hard funk of Zep’s “Trampled Underfoot.” “The Earth’s Rotation Around the Sun” conclude the EP as an instrumental that fortunately unlike those ‘70s prog bands doesn’t end up sounding indulgent…short and to the point. This band’s music strikes a delicate balance that will appease art and indie rock fans (This EP also contains videos for “Dimension” and “Mind’s Eye”).


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