CD Review: Morningwood

By David Chiu

The name is a dead giveaway of what the band is about. While the music is not exactly original, Morningwood’s aggressive punk and electro pop does catch on thanks to its charismatic lead singer Chantal Claret. She could totally rip a song to shreds (“Televisor, Nu Rock) and seduce the listener as a sexy femme fatale (the disco-fied “Nth Degree” and “Ride the Lights”)—a cross between Deborah Harry and Missing Person’s Dale Bozzio. The album’s climax (pun intended) is “Take Off Your Clothes,” which not surprisingly encourages such action at the band’s shows (“Babysitter” is a close second in the album’s sexiest and naughtiest song category). One can’t accuse the band of being dull—there’s nary a slow number in the bunch. Although the hooks sound familiar from other bands before them, Morningwood has both energy and New York attitude that are infectious. It sinks in deep sometimes—like the band’s double entendres, you can read what you want from that line.


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