CD Review: Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter
Daniel Powter
Warner Bros.
By David Chiu

It would be too easy to pigeonhole Daniel Powter along with the likes of Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, or Train’s Pat Monahan in the soul boy genre, or in the sensitive guy mode of a James Blunt. Powter’s latest album definitely evokes that old school Elton John vibe, especially story-song tracks like “Jimmy Gets High,” “Bad Day” and “Song 6.” Powter isn’t mired in piano-laced balladry—he can kick it up a notch on the upfront and direct “Suspect” and turn in a neo-hip hop performance in “Lie to Me.” Powter has a distinct high voice that’s earthy and charismatic, and it also doesn’t hurt to have Mitchell Froom as co-producer, ensuring a crafted result. It won’t be long now when Powter’s songs will be prominently featured on a TV or movie soundtrack…the songs are that identifiable and hook-filled.


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