Reel to Real, Love’s seventh studio album and released in 1974, is proof of how much Arthur Lee and Co.’s sound had evolved from the psychedelic, art-rock masterpiece of Forever Changes. Continue reading Love

Features: The Willowz

(photo by Olivia Malone)

The Willowz: Driving Rock Music That Makes an Impression

By David Chiu

How resonant is the music of California rock band the Willowz?  A fan, who recently attended a Willowz gig in Los Angeles, had the lyrics of their song, “Making Certain,” tattooed on his chest!

“I was in shock,” says Willowz singer, guitarist and co-founder Richie James Follin. “It was a large tattoo.”

Adds fellow Willowz bassist and co-founder Jessica Reynoza: “I met that dude. Pretty awesome. It reminded me of that Slayer album where ‘slayer’ is carved into someone’s arm. I got a friend who has the word ‘poop’ tattooed on her butt, so I wasn’t shocked if that is what your asking.”

That fan’s unusual but touching gesture confirms the effect that the group’s music has on him and perhaps others. You can hear that on their latest album, Everyone, which pays homage to rock’s past: the Rolling Stones, Iggy and the Stooges, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are some examples. It’s traditional rock in one sense and yet it also has some contemporary credibility that will appeal to indie music fans. Follin’s emotive vocals and an arsenal of bombastic drums, urgent bass and shimmering guitar mark the bold sound. (Also, the entire album clocks just less than 30 minutes). Continue reading “Features: The Willowz”