Feature: An interview with singer Clare Burson

photo by Ted Barron (from clareburson.com)

New York-based musician Clare Burson is set to release her new album, Silver and Ash, on Rounder Records later this year. As part of NewBeats’ 10th anniversary, here is an interview that the magazine did with Burson a couple of years ago; since her debut EP Undone, she has put out three more releases: In -Between, Idaho and Thieves

Clare Burson: Troubadour with a Twang

by David Chiu

Sometimes when you enter a bar or a club to listen to live music from a new artist, it can be hit or miss. When it misses, at least you could go back to the bar, order a tall cool one, and flirt with the person next to you. But when it the music hits, it makes the evening more interesting than you expected. And if that person goes on to superstardom, you can be proud to say you were one of the first to witness how it all happened.

That is what happened to this reviewer when he saw Clare Burson perform at the Luna Lounge on a hot August Saturday night. Despite the lack of name power, this young artist managed to play strong and convincingly to a small but very appreciative audience in the Lounge’s performing space. Somewhere down the road Burson has the potential to ascend to the stratosphere of recognition. Continue reading “Feature: An interview with singer Clare Burson”