News: An interview with Microphone Memory Emotion’s Georgia Kral on the 2010 Northside Festival

courtesy of Northside

Brooklyn is the place to be this weekend for indie music where this year’s Northside Festival will take place starting Thursday through Sunday in parts of Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

One of the venues participating is Bar Matchless in Greenpoint where Microphone Memory Emotion founder/blogger Georgia Kral will curate a show on Friday on behalf of the blog Brooklyn Based. It will feature Bermuda Bonnie, Fluffy Lumbers, Coasting and Family Portrait.

NewBeats had a chance to speak with Kral to talk about how she got the opportunity to curate this showcase.

1. How did you get involved in curating this showcase at the Northside Festival on behalf of Brooklyn Based? Did they reach out to you or vice versa?
They asked me to do it. I’ve written about music for them before, they read my blog, etc. I guess they like my taste!

2. How did you find these particular bands to play? Did you know about their music prior to contacting them?
I have written about all these bands before on my blog. Obviously I was familiar with their music, I wouldn’t have asked them to play had I not already thought highly of them. Coasting and Family Portrait played the SXSW show that I put on with the blogs PIXELHORSE and Visitation Rites.

3. If it is possible, can you give me a brief scouting report or description of each band that is performing—for those who are not
Familiar with these groups?

If you go to you can read the post I wrote for them about the bands:

4. What are your hopes and expectations for this particular event? Why should people come?
I hope that people will come and hear the music. These are emerging indie bands, and the Brooklyn Based readership is not the same as the readership of MME. My goal is to introduce new listeners to these great bands.

People should come because hearing new music is always a thrill! This is a cheap show, only $6, and supporting artists is always a good thing. I hope to turn people on.


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